Induction cooktop installation for your Kitchen: Upgrade and do it right

There’s no question about it – induction cooktops can be found in many homes and they are readily available. We have many unsuspecting clients buy a new induction Cooktop and then realise they need an electrical upgrade before they can use it

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Induction cook tops: what and why?

Cooking with science

Induction cooktops, or induction stoves, which use magnetic fields instead of flames or heating coils to heat pots and pans, have been around since the 1950s but are only now catching on with homeowners looking to update their kitchens to the latest technology. Induction cooktops offer significant advantages over both gas and electric models because they:

  • They cook food faster
  • are more energy efficient
  • allow for more precise temperature control
  • Are easier to keep clean
  • Are safer

That’s why you need an electric stovetop if you plan to switch entirely to electric appliances to reduce your bills. However, there is little information about the electrical requirements of induction cooktops – voltage, power and temperature.

What are the electrical requirements of induction cook tops?

Induction cookers are energy efficient and have a consistent heat output. However, different cook tops have different uses and, therefore, different power requirements.

The differences are evident in the induction cook tops’ design, size, and functions. Accordingly, the energy requirements may vary from one induction cook top to another.

Here’s a simple explanation. Cook tops with one burner use less power than those with five burners. You will need specific temperature settings, power supply and voltage for your stove top.

In any case, induction cook tops can be operated with the standard voltage of 120-240 V.

The standard voltage in Australia is 240 V.

The voltage a cooktop requires determines its wattage and circuit requirements. These three factors work together. So when buying a cook top, consider your cooking needs by checking the cooking temperature.


Is special wiring required for induction cooktop installation? Do we need to upgrade our electrical circuit?

This is a common question from induction cook top users.

No special wiring is required. All you need to do is plug your induction cook top into a power source, and it should work.

But there’s a thing! 

Whether you can plugin and use your cook top directly depends on your induction model and the wiring in your home. You will probably need to call a residential electrician

Differences in amperage and your induction needs may require special wiring.

However, you should consider a few things before wiring your induction cook top when doing it.

  • Know your building codes well

Before installation, make sure your wiring meets national electrical codes. Your circuit must have the correct voltage, frequency and amperage. This depends on a specially grounded circuit. You must also ensure that the circuit has a fuse or appropriate circuit breaker. Your electrician will be able to conduct an electrical safety audit.

  • Standard Electrical Code in Australia

AS/NZS 3000:2018, Electrical Installations, also known as Wiring Rules, are the technical rules electricians use to design, construct, and inspect electrical installations.

The Australian Electrical Code includes variations to accommodate local conditions, such as weather and geotechnical conditions, but all variations must comply with the relevant standards.

  • Make sure of your power connections

Check to see if you have a three- or four-wire connection. Regardless of the number of wires, you must ensure that the neutral grounding complies with local codes.

  • Check if you need special connectors

Now choose wires with high resistance to allow current to flow. Low resistance wires will allow current to flow in either direction. So, the coo top’s copper wire should be compatible with all other wires in your home. The wires will need to be professionally connected with special connectors if it is not.

How many amps does an induction cooktop need?

Induction cook tops do not need a three-phase current. In most cases, induction cooktops operate on single-phase 220-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz power.

However, a three-phase power installation may be required for power-intensive induction cook tops. Such a three-phase installation requires a ground connection in accordance with applicable electrical codes.


Do induction cook tops consume a lot of electricity?

No, induction cooktops do not consume a lot of electricity. Even though you connect them to a direct power source, they use less electricity. This is because induction units use the magnetic property of steel to heat the cooking vessel. As a result, the heat spreads evenly and faster than gas cook tops.

How long should the cable be for an induction cook top?

The size of the cable is important to transmit a certain amount of current. Always check the diameter of the cable and the nominal value of its resistance. Choose the right size of a cable according to Australian wiring regulations.

Are induction cooktops safe?

Yes, these induction cook tops are definitely the safest kitchen appliances you will ever use.

What makes these cooktops safe is that the cooking surface never gets hot. Thanks to the electromagnetic fields generated by induction cook tops, only the pan does.

Is eating food prepared in induction cooktops harmful to health?

The induction cooktop generates electromagnetic waves, but this does not mean harming human health.

The radiation emitted is very low, and since these cook tops do not emit heat, there is no possibility of releasing CO or CO2 or burning O2.

Therefore, if there is any negative effect of induction cooktops, it is insignificant.

Can induction cooktops be installed above an oven?

You can choose to install the induction cook top in this way, but you must be careful, as there is a possibility of overheating and damage to the electronics of the cook top.

If the specified regulations for installing the coo top allow its installation above an oven, then you do not have to worry.

What kind of cookware can be used with induction cooktops?

When it comes to the cookware you can use with induction cook tops, consider any flat-bottomed cookware made of iron or regular steel.If a magnet can stick to your pan – It is perfect for an induction Cook Top.

So for a great cooking experience, you should only buy iron and stainless steel cookware that is available in all stores.

Avoid buying cookware made of copper and aluminium, which are not very energy efficient.

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