Car wrapping involves precise  cutting placing adhesive vinyl wrap over the surfaces of your vehicles.
The wrap can include whatever you need, from changing your car’s colour.
Or to become an advertising medium from simple text decals on a back window to full graphic colour images that are digitally printed to create a strong visual impact every second your vehicles are on the road.

It’s far superior to standard painting or airbrushing which cannot match the precision of the design and longevity of the wrapped vehicles original paint.

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Car Wraps Will Add Impact And Brand Awareness

Vinyl car wraps are one of the newest and most popular marketing methods.
They are considered a moving billboard and your, vehicle wrap will take your message to a wider variety of people in Brisbane that you may otherwise never reach.

Whether you require a full vehicle wrap or simple car door signage at BB Car Wrappers, we can help you achieve you goal within your budget.


Your company vehicles are a moving billboard and its important to get maximum exposure for your business. The most common vehicle signage we do are:

Ute trays – back and sides
Car door magnetic signs
One way vision 
Back window decals
Van and truck signage.

Nothing comes close to the business potential car wrap or sticker promotions can generate.
With these factors considered, custom car wraps are a sure-fire way to get more bang for your buck!


Use A Professional Design Team For Your Car Signage

BB Car Wrappers, we pride ourselves on the standard of service we offer, using only the best high-quality materials for our vinyl car wraps.

We laminate each car wrap with a specially designed protective abrasion resistant layer to provide greater protection.
When the time comes for the car or van decals and graphics to be removed, you can be assured that there will be no headaches, as the material is designed for efficient and easy removal.

We have over 20 years graphic design, printing and vinyl wrapping experience.
We can wrap and transform any vehicle, be it a car, van, truck, taxi, bus, bike or boat, in any colour, printed design or pattern you can imagine.

At Car Wrappers, we use the best sourced professional wrapping vinyl, follow every contour of your vehicle, every bit of the bodywork can be covered with a new colour or custom graphics.
On newer vehicles, vinyl wrapping can actually protect your current paint job from scrapes and scuffs, and unlike a respray can be easily be removed should you want to sell the vehicle or change to new colours or branding.

Wrapping A Car Can Be A Complete Transformation

Car wraps can add personality. If you want to change and modify the look of your car,  it’s easy to do so with any number of vehicle wraps.
It only takes a few hours for a complete transformation.
It is very cost-effective as it is much cheaper to use a vinyl car wrap than it is to respray a vehicle.
Plus, if you have an older car, you may not want to invest in an expensive makeover.

The best vinyl car wrap brands are designed to protect your vehicle and its paint job.
If you want to avoid your wrap from fading, bubbling or lifting, invest in a high – quality wrap vinyl.
Yes you can get cheap no name wraps from China but we have tested their longevity and after 18 months we saw issues with these wraps and there is no way we are putting our name against work that will not last

wrapping cars


No matter what colour your car is, you can now drastically alter it’s appearance with a protective vehicle wrap in any combination of the amazing range of stock colour/finish self adhesive vinyl wrap films from Avery Dennison and 3M
The process of a wrap is first to clean the car and may require removal of door handles, badges and other obstructions to enable the wrap to be seamless.
The amount of work involved is different for every vehicle.
Wrap film comes @ 1520mm wide and each panel area is cut to size and stretched tight into place.

There are several ways to wrap your car to alter the overall finish that you want for the final product.
The process is broadly the same regardless of whether you choose a wrap with a pearlescent finish, a matte finish, or are simply applying a stencil cut out to one of your doors.

Brisbane Car Sign Experts

If you’re a small business owner, a startup runner, or a hands-on entrepreneur, we know you probably are always willing to save money and it might sound like a good idea to make your own design with the aid of a car outline template.
So what is very important for you to know is that is majority of the templates out there are for US car models and they are different to Australian cars
This means every door opening, door handle, side mirror, indent and bumper mouldings need to be taken into account when doing your design.

Face it – you do not want a key element in your design being distorted by a door handle.
We promise that using a skilled graphic designer who does car wrap designs as their main work. They will produce a design that takes your signage to the next level with a professional design.
It is a little like when you had a logo designed – something you did yourself or did you hire a recommended designer to create your logo.
A car wrap is a massive piece of advertising – Take the time and have a budget to make it look the best that it can to represent your brand and business.

How Should I Care For My Vehicle Wrap?

The lifespan of your wrap is dependent on how well you take care of it. In the Queensland heat, it is important to care for your car or truck’s  vinyl wrap as you would the paintwork.
We recommended hand washing your vehicle regularly with a soft, clean cloth or sponge is ideal.
We recommend rinsing off as much dirt and grit as possible with a spray of water.
Only clean your car with plain water or warm water and a mild detergent and a soft cloth.
Spot cleaning of surface contaminants like bugs, bird droppings, tree sap and tar is required immediately, as it can stain and damage the vinyl film.

Your Car Wrapper specialist will advise on what cleaners you may use.
Vinyl graphics, like paint, will fade over time from prolonged exposure to sun and atmospheric pollutants, particularly on the horizontal surfaces such as the bonnet, roof, and boot.
Try to store your vehicle in a garage, carport or a shaded area during the day.

With proper care your vehicle wrap should look good for a minimum of five years after installation in Queensland.

How Much Does It Cost to Wrap a Car?

Speak to our expert team today for a no-obligation quote to find out exactly how much it will cost for a full car wrap of your vehicle.
Prices will vary depending on size and shape as well as the particular wrap you select.
Turn heads, maximise your business exposure, and protect your much-loved vehicle with a quality, professional full car wrap
Speak to our professional designers and printers about your needs and wants, and they will find the right solution within your budget for an effective new vehicle look today.

Matte finishes are all the rage recently. They’re considered the modern look.
This type of finish does not absorb or reflect much light and gives your car a “flatter” look.
This, however, will ultimately draw more attention to the curves of the car, which is why matte finishes are particularly popular with sports cars.
Due to the finish on matte finishes, these wraps tend to be less vivid in color.
When it comes to maintenance, matte wraps require a little more work.

Matte wraps cannot be waxed or sealed with a sealant or else they’ll lose their matte appearance.
The matte finish is also more prone to showing fingerprints and scratches, as well as dirt and dust. Those who opt for this type of finish will need to clean their car more frequently.

Not All Paint Jobs Car Wrappers Are Equal

Please note – car wraps are not meant to fix your paint. They are also not cheap. The material itself is expensive and many man hours need to be put in to complete a quality car wrap project.
Much like paint, a lot of experience is required and only highly skilled people can perform the wrap job flawlessly.

There is a time to re paint and a time to wrap.
That said, the cost of wrap vs paint is an important factor when making a decision.
In most circumstances, a car wrap job will cost the same as painting your car.
Of course, price varies depending on quality.
A low quality paint job will cost less than a high quality wrap, and vice versa.

Call us today to discuss how we can make your fleet stand out on the road or if you are a solo business, get your vehicle generating more leads and calls from name and number being available for all to see it.


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