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SPENGA’s format of 20 minutes of spin, 20 minutes of strength training, and 20 minutes of yoga blends the three fitness pillars into a 60-minute group training session. Our concept, led by our highly trained instructors, results in solid bodies and minds.

This is not a workout you’ll find at your local gym.

SPENGA is a community of like-minded people who want to make the most of their life and workouts, and we guarantee that every time you step into our studio, we’ll be cheering you on every cycle, rep, and revive! Are you prepared to work?

SPENGA workouts are unsurpassed in terms of fitness. SPENGA, unlike any other gym or studio, combines the three pillars of fitness to create what is simply known as the best workout ever.

This innovative approach addresses a market need by combining cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility in every group training session via a combination of spin, strength training, and yoga.

Our style workout provides a multi-sensory experience by dedicating space to each area of the workout, refreshing aromatherapy, and workouts powered by exhilarating DJ-inspired music.

We think that the power of ride, rep, and rejuvenate builds strong bodies and minds. And when your workout programme works, your life works as well.

Group Classes for Spin-Strength-Yoga Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Why Does SPENGA Work?

SPENGA is the only studio of its kind to combine cardio, strength, and flexibility in a 60-minute exercise.

Working smarter, not harder, is our mentality.

SPENGA takes pride in providing a workout that maximises results without damaging your body.

Our workouts have all of the burns without burnout!

Our members enjoy SPENGA’s 20-20-20 format and the fact that once they finish one phase, they may move on to the next.

This helps them to push harder while avoiding burnout from having to return to each part many times.

SPIN for the first 20 minutes of the session.
Huge caloric burn with no impact to warm up your body and start shedding pounds!

SPENGA begins with SPIN to immediately heat up the body and begin burning calories.

Spin Sweet Spot personalises your bike by determining your spin power training zones.

Power is the foundation of our spin sessions. Power is determined by how fast you pedal (RPMs) and how much resistance you have on your bike.

Your performance and the quantity of power you generate determine your Sweet Spot.

SPENGA’s training zones mix aerobic and anaerobic training to produce calorie-burning results that last for hours after your workout.

Our system is always assessing your Sweet Spot and making improvements based on your performance.

STRENGTH is the second 20-minute segment of the programme.
Our educators will be with you every step to personalise and modify the experience.

We then proceed to STRENGTH.
Increased muscle mass raises your resting metabolism, causing your body to burn more calories.

SPENGA plans are science-backed and constantly changing, with creative exercise selection to keep the body guessing and the workout from plateauing.


Programming is created utilising a precise formula to ensure that each client gains lean muscle while continuing to burn calories.


Our instructors will work with you every step of the way to customise the experience, enhance form, and make any necessary changes.


SPENGA’s multimodal experience includes space dedicated to each component of the workout, exhilarating aromatherapy, and workouts powered by dynamic DJ-inspired songs.

YOGA, the third 20-minute segment of the workout, restores the body and enables faster recovery between workouts.

Yoga is an excellent technique to improve posture and alignment, as well as promote recuperation.

Yoga for Strength

Yoga begins with strength-based exercises to keep the body active. Because it is the final section of the workout, the body is hot and exhausted, and it will be tested through various activities.

And it is only when we recover that we become stronger. Our Yoga curriculum targets critical health components such as building breath-to-movement rhythms, balance, strength, flexibility, and relaxation, all of which are typically lacking in workouts.


Then we move into deeper flexibility positions to begin cooling the body down.

Yoga for Recovery

Yoga concludes with a well-deserved rest period in which you are encouraged to leave it all on the mat.

SPENGA is not your average Yoga class.



SPENGA Cherry Hill NJ

Spinning-Strength-Yoga Classes all in one 60-minute class

What does SPENGA mean?
SPENGA is an acronym that stands for SPIN, STRENGTH, and YOGA. Our founders observed the current trend for boutique fitness but also realised the limitations. Most boutique concepts concentrate on a single activity, resulting in restricted outcomes and bored members.

What exactly is the SPENGA exercise?
SPENGA is the only studio of its kind to incorporate all three components into a 60-minute workout that combines spin, strength, and yoga.

Is SPENGA suitable for beginners?
Spenga is ideal for people of all fitness levels who desire a lower-impact workout and to add more stretching to their regimen.

Is SPENGA really effective?
SPENGA is for you if you need Netflix to get through a treadmill run. SPENGA’s 20-minute sessions are unlikely to provide significant advances on the bike or in the weight room. However, SPENGA is an effective approach to including many types of cross-training in hard training sessions.

Does SPENGA aid in weight loss?
The SPENGA format is adaptable and efficient. It offers a truly well-rounded workout with significant benefits. A good diet will result in weight loss, increased muscular tone, and a slew of other health benefits in just one month.

What is the minimum age for SPENGA?
A member must be at least 13 years old to participate.

How long has SPENGA been in business?
Amy Nielsen, Heather Ruff, and Roger McGreal launched SPENGA in Mokena, Illinois in 2015. The name is a combination of the words “spin,” “strong,” and “yoga,” all of which are used in the brand’s hybrid 60-minute training courses.

What is the sweet spot for SPENGA?
Sweet Spot personalises your bike by determining your spin power training zones. Your performance and the quantity of power you generate determine your Sweet Spot. SPENGA’s training zones mix aerobic and anaerobic training to provide calorie-burning results that last for hours after your workout.

What should I bring to SPENGA?
– What to bring to your session: a water bottle (SPENGA bottles are available for purchase) and bottled water.
– Individual sweat towel
– We offer premium Manduka Yoga mats (or bring your own if you prefer)

Can you visit many SPENGA locations?
Furthermore, because Spenga fitness studios are privately owned, you cannot use the same membership to visit other studios in your neighbourhood. To visit another studio, you will need to switch memberships.

What is the SPENGA revival?
Our REVIVE class is a 45-minute workout that focuses on your breathing, stretching, core, and stability. We always spend the last 20.

How can I get started as a SPENGA instructor?
– Current personal/group training certification; spin and yoga certifications are preferred.
– An eagerness to learn.
– The ability to multitask while commanding a room.
– Drive and motivation.
– Vitality and assurance.
– Personal training and/or group fitness training, spinning, and yoga experience and/or certifications.

Customer Feedback:

“I’ve been going to SPENGA for more than 4 months and have loved every session!” says a joyful gaming galapagos. Every instructor is extremely kind and always greets me when I go through the door! Brie’s sessions are usually high-energy, with fantastic music and a fun but difficult workout! I would suggest it to anyone, whether they have never worked out before or have been working out for years!”

“SPENGA is the greatest!” comments Tina Giordano. It’s unlike any other workout class I’ve ever taken. Every class, the combination of spin, strength, and yoga leaves you feeling fantastic! The staff and instructors are all wonderful, and the studio is always spotless before each lesson. If you’re searching for a new workout class, I highly recommend this one!”

“Went here for a morning class with Alexcia,” Cam M says. It’s a lot of fun! I like how you combined cardio, strength, and mobility. Alexcia was an excellent coach who made the experience enjoyable. The entire staff was attentive and made certain that my party and I had everything we required. I wholeheartedly endorse!”

“Omg amazing class experience ever!!” says MoveWithMoth. I’m not generally a formal person. I’m a bodybuilder, so I prefer slow-paced lifting. I took their class for the first time last week because my cardio was getting dull. Spin was a lot of fun; I’ll need more practise, but Brie was loud and clear the entire ride and inspired us! My favourite quality was strength. Full-body workout with plenty of time to burn calories. Yoga was quite calming, and I know I need to do more of it, as well as stretch. SPENGA is truly three in one. You can perform aerobic, strength training, and stretching all in one location. The staff is quite friendly. I’m madly in love 3″

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