Organic catnip herb in tea

Black teas like Earl Grey and English Breakfast contain caffeine, although not as much as coffee. So if you want to do without it, it might be a good idea to switch to herbal tea instead.

Herbal Tea

Catnip has been used effectively for decades to relieve restless sleep and irritability in babies and adults. The calming nature of this soothing herb helps to slow the body’s natural cycles and bring about a relaxed and calm state.

Catnip herb, cut & sieved, organic.

Overall, we can say that adding one or two cups of catnip tea to your daily diet can help promote your health, strengthen your mental capacity and improve your immunity. Although it is considered safe, you should use it with caution and discuss possible risks with your doctor before drinking it if you are on prescription medication.

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Do you have problems with insects in your home? If you bring a catnip plant into your home, you may be able to keep it away. Nepetalactone has a strong smell that can repel insects like mosquitoes and houseflies. Researchers found that catnip repels mosquitoes more effectively than DEET (8).  Planting catnip in your garden also helps ward off pests that eat your crops.

Relaxing Organic Tea 1oz

Fennel has been used for thousands of years, and pukkas have created a unique blend using three varieties of fennel to create a wealth of flavours. This tea is wonderfully sweet, aromatic and soothing.

14th anti-inflammatory process: As mentioned above, the chemical components of catnip are particularly useful as anti-inflammatory agents. It means that catnip can be useful in treating gout, arthritis, sprained muscles, aching joints and haemorrhoids. Regular ingestion or external use of tea, juice or leaves may not be ineffective for each of the scenarios.


6. nourishes and moisturises the hair: catnip tea is a fantastic deep conditioning agent. Just braid your hair and soak it. After shampooing your hair, it is possible to use it as a conditioner. It also acts as a conditioner that conditions and moisturises your hair. It also leaves the curls smooth and noticeably soft. 

17. menstrual cramps: For girls who suffer from particularly debilitating menstrual cramps, catnip tea is usually recommended as a substitute treatment, as it can quickly relieve these cramps and stresses on the body. The calming, relaxing effect of catnip can also relieve other apparent symptoms of menstruation, including depression and mood swings. 

Catnip tea

Fever is usually considered a symptom of an acute infection or underlying disease. In response, the body raises its temperature to stimulate the immune system and accelerate detoxification. Fever is the body’s natural defence against infection or illness, and fever is a good sign that the body’s immune system is becoming active. Lowering the fever can even be counterproductive and prolong the duration of a cold or virus. Using herbs that help your body sweat out fevers while supporting and strengthening your immune system will help you get well faster. Catnip is considered a “sweat-inducing” herb, which means that it can stimulate sweating without raising your body temperature, thus helping to reduce fever. If you drink it hot like tea, you can increase its effect.

Organic catnip herb in tea

In humans, catnip is still used to treat many conditions such as colds, headaches, toothaches, colic and cramps. It is also known to cause slumber in many people, but for others, it can have a counteracting effect. Catnip also has antibacterial properties. In the 15th century, English chefs both prepared salads and seasoned meat. Many people also prefer catnip tea. Some of the active ingredients in catnip are added to make it an incredibly successful cockroach repellent. It is 100% more effective than DEET. Read more about the history of catnip. 

Treatment of colds and flu: Catnip is a useful household remedy for flu and colds for many reasons. It is believed that the ingredients in catnip have antibacterial and antiviral properties and can strengthen the immune system. It can also help break fevers while you are under the weather and help keep the body temperature down. 

Relaxing Organic Tea 1oz

Nepeta cafeteria is thought to have taken its name from the Etruscan town of Neptic (now the town of Nepi in the province of Viterbo). Although there is no documented evidence of this, given the Egyptians’ love of cats, it is very likely that they were among the first people to feed catnip to cat puppies. The Romans also held catnip in high esteem and used it in their recipes and herbal medicines. Catnip was introduced to America around the 18th century. Settlers took plant cuttings as food and for medicinal purposes when they travelled to the New World, and there is a Massachusetts recipe from 1712 that includes catnip in the list of ingredients. 

The natural remedy for dandruff: The antiseptic and astringent properties of the herb mean that it can be used to treat dandruff. Apply a cold brew of the herb to the hair and scalp and wash it off after a while. You can even use this – in case an irritated scalp causes dandruff. 

Do you suffer from colds and fever? Fever is considered a symptom of an underlying disease. In response, the body temperature can rise to speed up detoxification. Fever is a good sign that your immune system is becoming active. Drinking catnip tea can help fight fever and colds by strengthening the immune system.

These uterine contractions can also cause a woman’s periods to start earlier. Catnip tea is therefore not recommended for women with pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) or women who have heavy periods, as it can make both symptoms worse.

To have more chances of drinking with your cat, try valerian or liquorice root. They are both human and cat-friendly consumables.  Valerian has the same effect as catnip – both tend to arouse cats while having a relaxing effect on their human counterparts. Chemistry Go figure!

Catnip tea

Sleep aid: Catnip has been used for hundreds or even thousands of years by men and women who are resistant to sleep or insomnia. Its calming nature helps to slow down the body’s natural cycles and create a calm, comfortable state. The individual can sleep through the night and sleep undisturbed and restful. Many people choose to drink a cup of catnip tea to ensure a refreshing sleep. 

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Advantages of organic catnip herb

Catnip was part of American folk medicine and Native American healing systems and was used as a gentle tea for children with occasional stomach upset or insomnia. Catnip was used by the Hoh, Delaware and Iroquois tribes for its mild nature for children’s ailments. The Cherokee used the plant in a similar way to other indigenous groups and also considered it a tonic. They chose this herb when a relaxant was needed in cases of irritability or insomnia, just like the Europeans. In the south-west of the United States, catnip or “Nebada” was used among Spanish-speaking people in traditional folk medicine to relieve several digestive problems. It was considered particularly useful to calm the stomach and aid digestion in babies. Also sold it as a brandy infusion with “Hinojos” or fennel as a digestive tonic. Catnip is useful for relieving stomach discomfort and is, therefore, a good laxative with aromatic herbs such as senna. Some herbalists find it helpful in compensating for physical manifestations, such as occasional indigestion caused by emotional problems or the “colonoscopy”. This herb is considered to be energetically slightly warming and therefore useful as a sudorific agent to stimulate sweating.

Stress is an essential factor affecting the majority of people in today’s world. Catnip has calming properties and can successfully reduce stress. The herb also can reduce anxiety in the long term. Use catnip in any way to take advantage of the benefits of the herb. You can make juice from the leaves or cook catnip tea and eat it. This herbal ingredient also strengthens the body’s immunity and defence mechanism. Also, secondary signs of long-term stress can be combated with the help of catnip.

Catnip tea

5. relieves flatulence: Catnip was generally famous as a carminative in the 17th century. It helps eliminate flatulence and bloating by removing the gases. can use it either as tea or as an essential oil. If you use it in this type of oil, put 3 to 4 drops in a clean napkin and sniff. A warm catnip tea with ginger will give you similar benefits. 

Violet is one of the herbal tea remedies for severe headaches. When used in combination with other herbs, can also make it into compresses against cancer, ulcers and bedsores or ointments against itching.


Rosemary supports healthy blood flow to the brain, which relieves headaches and can prevent diseases such as Alzheimer’s. It also contains a powerful antioxidant called carnosine, which helps to protect the body from oxidative stress.


Do you suffer from colds and fever? Fever is considered a symptom of an underlying disease. In response, the body temperature can rise to speed up detoxification. Fever is a good sign that your immune system is becoming active. Drinking catnip tea can help fight fever and colds by strengthening the immune system.

Benefits and use of catnip essential oil

We suggest you look at the above list of 30 teas and purchase one that offers the specific benefits you desire. It is important to remember that, in terms of your health, it is not only about the food you eat, but also about the drinks you choose.

That is why you should commit to make a habit of drinking tea and use one of the types of herbs we have covered on this page.

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