Peggy Stasinos is a mobile makeup artist based in Melbourne who is available on your wedding day.

When you hire the appropriate makeup artist, yesterday’s dramatic cut crease can become TODAY’s gorgeous bride.

You want everything to be perfect – including your cosmetics – whether you’re attending a wedding or celebrating a special day. It’s critical to present yourself in the best light possible. When you know you look nice, you have more energy in your step throughout the day. You exude assurance.

Makeup is not a means of concealment or concealment. It is to add a touch of MAGIC to the already-existing BEAUTY.

While you may be familiar with numerous methods and tactics for applying makeup in daily life, you will discover that hiring a trained makeup artist is an integral element of your wedding day or even a professional picture session!
Melbourne mobile makeup artist.



melbourne makeup artist

Why would you want to employ a professional makeup artist?


You are stunning; allow me to assist you in revealing all of your attributes!

A trained eye is required to recognise the beauty and potential of any face. A professional makeup artist is not only adept at applying perfect, long-lasting makeup, but also at putting you at ease throughout the process – from the entire wedding day timeline to working with you to design a lovely, long-lasting makeup style.
Weddings are a costly occasion.


Without a doubt, weddings are a costly occasion.


In Australia, the average cost of a wedding is $65,000, which is a lot of money.

When it comes to wedding planning, there are definitely areas where you can cut costs, and I concur that hair and cosmetics may add up.

As with all hair and makeup treatments, there are a variety of makeup artists available at a range of pricing points to suit any budget.

Some cosmetic artists charge as little as $50 per bride, while others charge as much as $250 or more, and everything in between.

It’s critical to understand what you’re paying for, as frequently (as the adage goes), “you get what you pay for.”

One thing that EVERY bride want for her wedding day (regardless of their origin, income/social standing, or age, for example) is to look and feel beautiful. That is why it is prudent to entrust your appearance to a skilled makeup artist.
Melbourne mobile makeup artist.

melbourne makeup artist
What are the benefits of hiring a mobile beauty artist for your Melbourne wedding?


A wedding can take up to a year to plan, and the multitude of details can make a bride dizzy! However, once the venue is reserved, the guests are seated correctly, and the cake is stunning, it’s time to consider your style.
While the majority of ladies do not leave their wedding gown to chance and have already chosen a lovely design, there is more to a beautiful bride than a stunning gown.
Have you already scheduled and scheduled your makeup and hair appointments?

The following are some reasons to hiring a mobile makeup artist for your wedding


Each and every eye will be on you:

Not only will all eyes be on you, but also cameras and video cameras. This is a day you will remember for the rest of your life (and on video), which is why hiring a mobile makeup artist is the superior option. You want to preserve your memories for a lifetime and to appear as stunning as ever. In a beauty salon, your mobile makeup artist will focus exclusively on you. This manner, you may get a perfect complexion in the tranquillity of your own home.

Reduce your level of stress:

Nothing is more distressing than unwelcome or unforeseen tension on your special day.
Why should your makeup be considered a source of stress?
Rather than that, when you employ a mobile makeup artist, you can rely on your makeup to sparkle on your wedding day. You will not be required to leave your home or location. You can devote the entire day to yourself.

It’s preferable to call a mobile makeup artist if you reside in Melbourne, where road congestion may be as terrible as in New York or Rome.
Melbourne’s rush hour has increased to six hours each day, according to new RACV data. A mobile makeup artist will arrive on time and prevent you from being stuck in traffic on your way to a salon appointment.

There is no smeared makeup.

It’s simple to apply makeup wrong, and you certainly don’t want to make that error on your wedding day.
If your foundation is not matched correctly, the colour difference between your neck and face will be obvious in your high-resolution wedding images, and your photographer will have to spend hours editing each image to equalise skin tones.
A mobile bridal makeup artist is skilled at blending colours to get the ideal tint for your skin tone.
Your mobile makeup artist is likely familiar with numerous techniques that you have never heard of or considered.
The photographs will require minimum photo editing or may potentially require a reshoot. Your photographer will be eternally grateful!

Will last significantly longer

Durability is a critical characteristic of bridal hair and makeup. You don’t want your makeup to look spotty by the end of the day. A mobile bridal makeup artist will ensure that your makeup lasts throughout the night, regardless of how much kissing or cake eating occurs. This will ensure that you remain radiant and beautiful throughout the occasion.

Reliable Products

If you’ve ever struggled to locate the correct brush for doing your makeup, keep in mind that a professional makeup artist will always use professional products and brands that have better pigments and longer lasting wear.

Have you nailed down your bridal look?

Peggy Stasinos can assist you in nailing your bridal style to complement your wedding, theme, wedding gown, and wedding hair.
Melbourne mobile makeup artist
Your local Melbourne mobile makeup artist

Not sure what cosmetics style you want for your special day or where to find a mobile makeup artist?

Welcome to Peggy Stasino’s Makeup, where we provide a delightful experience with expert mobile makeup artistry in Melbourne.

I am not your ordinary makeup artist that specialises in a certain look. I balance your facial traits and draw attention to your best characteristics.

Are you interested in learning more? Request a quotation or visit my Wedding Booking website for more information!
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