Is a metal roof appropriate for Australia’s hot climate?

Do you want a cool roof that can withstand Australia’s hot weather?
If you live on the Central Coast  you’ll need a cool roof that does more than just provide shelter.
The hot Australian summer sun shines down on building roofs, causing them to heat up and radiate heat into the homes below.
As a result, the upper floors of the building experience significant heat gain, making living there uncomfortable, if not impossible. Furthermore, rising indoor temperatures necessitate more air conditioning, resulting in higher electricity costs and increased discomfort in non-air-conditioned areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.

What does it mean to have a cool roof?

In bright sunlight, a cool roof is designed to have a lower surface temperature than a traditional roof. As a result, a cool roof’s surface reflects more sunlight and produces more heat than a hot or dark roof. As a result, a roof surface that is cooler than a standard roof is sometimes referred to as a “cool roof.”

Is it possible to have a cool roof with metal roofing?
When it comes to the thermal properties of metal roofs, there is a common misconception. Isn’t it true that metal roofs get extremely hot in the summer? So, with metal roofing, how do you keep your house nice and cool?
There are a number of factors at play here. The colour of the metal roof is usually the first thing that comes to mind. You’re probably aware that lighter colours absorb less heat than darker ones. Of course, this is true, but it only applies to metal roofs to a limited extent.

What’s not to like about a metal roof?

Did you know that metal is the most energy-efficient material on the market? Yes, when used as a roofing material, a metal roof can help you save 40% on energy costs for cooling your home. Air conditioners can keep your home cool when the weather is hot, but you’ll need a well-insulated home to keep it cool. If homeowners do not have enough insulation, they should expect a significant increase in their energy costs.

Is a metal roof better for keeping a cool roof than a shingle roof?
Yes, metal roofs are cooler than shingles and keep the hot air out, reducing the need for your air conditioner to run at night. Consider how nice it would be to be able to stay warm all year while keeping your bills low.

What are the benefits of a metal roof in terms of cooling?metal roofs

Understanding the cooling properties of a metal roof can be difficult. A metal roof can get very hot in a hot environment. So, how does it manage to keep the roof cool? The materials and construction quality of your metal roof may very well determine whether or not it will provide the energy-saving properties you desire. To get the most out of a metal roof, it’s critical to buy from a reputable contractor and hire an experienced metal roofing team like the AWS roofing team.

Heating and cooling are provided by metal roofs.

Because metal roofs are highly reflective, they can help to regulate the temperature inside your home. Metal has a low thermal mass, which allows it to reflect rather than absorb light and heat. This means that the material deflects the majority of the sunlight it receives, reducing heat transfer into your home. The metal roof material will be much cooler as the outside temperatures drop.
Metal roofs are available in a variety of colours and textures. Up to 90% of the absorbed heat can be dissipated with additional pigmentation.

Roof cooling technology

air conditioning
Metal roofing technology has been adopted by many manufacturers. A cool metal roof reflects sunlight well and has a low emissivity. The quality of the surface finish has a significant impact on cooling performance. Light-colored metal roofs, such as white and grey, are better at keeping a house cool.
Cool pigment technology is used in metal roofing systems with oven-cured organic coatings, allowing for the highest possible solar emissivity, even with darker metal shades.

Metal roof paint that is heat resistant

By turning the metal roof into a reflective metal roof surface, a light colour scheme or heat resistant paint can significantly reduce heat gain.

Is it possible to save money on air conditioning by installing metal roofs?
When it comes to roofing, metal is one of the most energy-efficient options. It provides insulation in the winter and reduces the need for air conditioning in the summer. This can mean significant energy savings while keeping your home comfortably cool in areas of the country where hot summers are a given. The key is in the characteristics of metal roofs and how they are coated.
Cool metal roofs have highly reflective and emissive coatings that reflect or bounce back a large portion of the sun’s rays, lowering the surface temperature of the roof.
It’s clear why metal roofs improve thermal comfort in homes without supplemental cooling systems and lower electricity consumption in homes with air conditioning.

Selecting a Roof Material

The most important goal is to select the best roofing material for your home. If you’ve decided on a roofing material but are concerned that it won’t be good for the environment, it’s critical to understand your options. Color selection and technology have an impact on the efficiency of a material’s cooling properties.
By analysing the structure of your home and suggesting an appropriate solution, a skilled roofer should be able to alleviate temperature differences.
At AWS Roofing, we have skilled professionals who can assist you in constructing high-quality roofs that contribute to the overall health of your home.


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