How to protect yourself from Break in attempts

The quantity of break-in attempts in this day and age indicates that you must defend yourself. This implies you’ll need reliable locks, security systems, and CCTV guidance. Benn Lock and Safe Ltd, 13 St. Davids Square, Fengate, Peterborough, solely provides expert home security installations.

Professional installation firms benefit from alarm systems that involve wiring and sensor or camera positioning. Particularly since a misaligned motion detector, door sensor, or security camera can result in false alerts or, worse, an intruder. A professional installation, on the other hand, has several limitations, most notably the necessity to schedule an appointment and have someone come to your home.

Security systems are significantly easier to install nowadays than they were previously. Installing DIY home security systems often entails turning on a central hub and connecting all linked components over Wi-Fi utilising a control panel or app.

Sensors and cameras are glued or fixed at the desired area with little wire. For a price, Benn Lock and Safe Ltd also provide professional installation. You may be able to obtain it for free if you purchase a premium plan. If you’ve purchased a huge amount of gear and aren’t sure where to put it, it makes sense to hire a professional to install it. It is best to leave technology to professionals if you are unfamiliar with it.

protect yourself from Break in attempts

The backbones of a home security system are door and window sensors. When a door or window is opened, they set off the alarm (and the alarm is set). This deters potential robbers and warns the homeowner of a security breach. Entry sensors have two components: a magnet and a sensor.

When the two components come into contact, they create a magnetic field. However, when the door or window they are attached to is opened, the magnetic field changes and the sensor sends a signal to the base station to trigger the siren. Key features and technology – DIY systems include easy-to-install entrance sensors (with Velcro) that may be installed in minutes.

There are numerous home security systems on the market, making it challenging to select the best system for your protection needs. IP cameras are the greatest home security systems for keeping an eye on your home while you’re away. IP cameras include servers that enable them to send and receive data over the internet without the use of a computer.

This means you can access your security camera from anywhere in the world using a smartphone or computer. Furthermore, some cameras have motion detectors that can send an email warning when motion is detected. Surveillance systems can be monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week by a security company for a monthly subscription, or you can monitor them yourself with a DIY system.

There are numerous alternatives available in today’s home security landscape. There are professionally installed and do-it-yourself systems, self-monitored and professionally controlled solutions, and smart-home and voice-controlled systems, among others. Furthermore, modern security systems can safeguard everything from a one-bedroom apartment to a mansion.

Security system peripherals can be added in any number, and some systems can manage hundreds of sensors. Not to mention that today’s security systems include a wide range of technologies, from security sensors to smart homes and Internet of Things (IoT) items. Our team at Benn Lock and Safe Ltd has decades of experience with security systems. We personally tested and compared home security systems before selecting just the best.

Do-it-yourself home security systems

For good reason, the best DIY security systems have become far more popular in recent years than professionally installed systems. DIY security systems are significantly less expensive, more adaptable to your needs, and easier to install than ever before. A designer home security system also does not require a monthly charge or a long-term commitment.

Even if you wish to install a professional surveillance system (to notify the police or fire department if a break-in occurs), you may often do so on a monthly basis rather than signing an annual contract. For further information, contact Benn Lock and Safe Ltd.

How big is your company? I’m not referring to your revenue or turnover; rather, I’m referring to the physical size of your business facilities and offices. Square footage, window count, and access points are just a few of the factors to consider. Some security systems are intended specifically for small places, such as small retail businesses and even home offices.

Other options cater to small and medium-sized businesses. Security solutions for huge buildings and commercial enterprises are even available. It is critical to select the security system that is appropriate for the size of your company. Smaller venues may not require the extensive functionality and infrastructure of a multi-site organisation. Cheap, home-built enterprise security systems are unlikely to be able to protect a larger company.

How to Defend Yourself Against Break-In Attempts

A home security system’s overall cost can be divided into three parts: the purchase price, the installation cost, and the operational cost over time. Some low-quality “home security systems” come with only the most basic door and window sensors, which purchasers can easily install themselves.

protect yourself from break-in attempts

Higher-end equipment packages, such as those provided by Benn Lock and Safe Ltd, include a touch-screen control panel as well as the option to install outside security cameras.

You should consider whether video surveillance is the best option to boost your home’s security. Consider the following: Do I require video surveillance? Is there anything else I can do to secure my house, such as installing stronger lighting?

How should I configure the system to protect privacy? Can I position the cameras so that they do not interfere with the property of my neighbours or public or shared spaces? Is it necessary to record the photographs, or would a live feed suffice?

Is it possible for my CCTV system to record audio? Audio recording constitutes a serious infringement of privacy. As a result, in most circumstances where homeowners employ CCTV, audio recording should be turned off.

Utilize biometric voice recognition with Google Home-compatible security systems. With this function, you can make home automation commands come naturally to you. You can use your voice to manage your lights, door locks, garage doors, thermostats, security systems, and other devices. Security systems that are Google Home-enabled bring up a world of possibilities that go beyond home security.

Home security sensors are typically installed on entrance and exit doors, as well as easily accessible windows, particularly those that can be opened, and notably those on the ground level. Motion detectors can be used to secure open areas in apartments. They typically have a touch panel for easy interface and programming, as well as the ability to enter secure codes to set and unset the system. It can even be controlled through voice commands and key fobs with radio remote controls.

Good locks are required.

Companies of all sizes have sensitive information that must be kept secure. They must also safeguard their employees’, customers’, suppliers, and business partners’ personal information. Online shops, banks, colleges, law firms, medical centres, public agencies, and government administrations all have sensitive information and systems that must be safeguarded.

Companies that create systems or new technologies, as well as those that conduct design work, have intellectual property that must be safeguarded. Simply put, if a company uses the internet or a network to carry out its operations, it requires cyber security expertise! Cybersecurity is a fundamental prerequisite for doing business. Both commercial firms and state institutions provide exciting job options. Furthermore, the abilities and experience earned in both industries appeal to both sorts of employers.

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) systems are an essential security component for your company and can aid in the detection of criminal activity. All businesses should have a CCTV system, either for basic surveillance or for a high-definition security system that can lead to identification or conviction.

Security surveillance systems have become commonplace in places including car parks, airports, train stations, museums, and even some residential structures to monitor the actions of passers-by, visitors, and employees and to record suspicious behaviour that could constitute a crime.

A strategically positioned CCTV system transmits video signals from its respective location to a monitor, providing a complete view of a specified area so that crimes can be stopped at the time or documented as evidence for future prosecution, whether it is a burglary, theft, or violent crime.

CCTV Guidance

Security systems for business buildings must be more resilient and provide different forms of protection than security systems for apartment buildings. This is to support the enormous number of people entering and exiting the building, as well as the volume of data that businesses transfer and keep. Residential security often includes a front door lock, an alarm system, and, in some cases, camera surveillance. Businesses, on the other hand, will require more elaborate security mechanisms that safeguard more than just the outside.

Surveillance systems that cover the whole perimeter of your property are vital for securing your assets and generating critical business intelligence. Cameras are the backbone of any surveillance system, and ensuring the broadest possible camera coverage is critical for maximum functionality.

This, however, does not necessitate a big number of cameras. When analysing your camera installation density needs, it is critical to consider the value of each camera as well as the performance it delivers. Security systems that match the highest standards are required for businesses. As a result, these cameras must have sufficient resolution to recognise faces and licence plates, read numbers accurately, and monitor consumer behaviour.

A CCTV camera put on your property is a great deterrent to crime. Benn Lock and Safe Ltd CCTV systems can monitor what is going on on your property. Your house and family’s security can be safeguarded. Especially with the assistance of security cameras discreetly installed around and around your house.

In this manner, they serve as a deterrent to burglars while simultaneously capturing photographs of them. Where should my security cameras be pointed? We can advise you on the finest systems, solutions, and locations for your surveillance needs if you want to install a surveillance system. Government agencies do not operate the majority of CCTV cameras in the United Kingdom. They are instead owned by private persons or businesses.

Benn Lock and Safe Ltd, 13 St. Davids Square, Fengate, Peterborough PE1 5QA, provides better security solutions and 24/7 on-site surveillance to homes and businesses. Whether you require video surveillance for your house or an access control system for your business, our team can assist you in locating the appropriate equipment. Our “White Glove” service will handle all of your security needs, from the initial consultation to the installation and training of the system.

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