How to clean a smelly garbage disposal unit; an easy guide busting some myths along the way.

How To Clean a Smelly Garbage Disposal

It All Starts with Quality!

However, just before we arrive at the specifics, the cleaning degree can be impacted by the garbage disposal unit’s quality. The greater the unit’s overall quality, the better it will perform.

Of course, the parts and craft quality are also important. The better a garbage disposal works, the much less manual cleaning it will call for. It’s another main reason why Insinkerator garbage disposal units are the very best in the industry!

Every Insinkerator garbage disposal is developed and put together in the USA. We’re the only supplier that can say that about our garbage disposals. To ensure that they meet the highest durability standards, we’re regularly putting them to the test. Garbage disposals are consistently removed from the production line and right into our Grind Testing Lab, where the motto is “You make it, we break it.”

Insinkerator Garbage Disposals Performance Tested to the Hilt!

To successfully pass the test, each garbage disposal needs to grind up a mound of food scraps, involving vegetables and frozen beef bones.

Insinkerator assesses their devices thoroughly so you can feel confident that your InSinkErator garbage disposal can handle whatever you throw at it straight after installation.

Garbage disposals are important for keeping your kitchen clean and making cleanup faster by getting rid of food scrap. Still, at times you’ll really need to clean the garbage disposal and give it a bit of freshening up. The following are several quick ways how to clean the garbage disposal, always keep it smelling fresh, and we’ll even clean up some misconceptions along the way.

How to Clean a Smelly Garbage Disposal Myth – Use Ice Cubeshow do you clean a garbage disposal unit

By now, you’ve most probably heard that putting down the ice in the garbage disposal will assist in eradicating smells and touch up the blades. In truth, InSinkErator garbage disposals don’t include blades!

Insinkerator garbage disposals utilize impellers to force food waste against a grind shear ring that shreds it like a cheese shredder. You can nonetheless use ice cubes to clean the disposal grinding components. However, ice will normally melt before it clears the grinding chamber entirely.

So the next time someone proposes a manner to sharpen their garbage disposal blades, you can with confidence put an Insinkerator myth to rest and explain to them there are no blades!

Actual Garbage Disposal Hack – Use Citrus Fruit

If your garbage disposal has a stink, you can neutralize the smell by grinding citrus fruit such as lemon or limes and oranges.

Chop the fruit into wedges, switch the disposal on, and put the wedges down one by one together with a constant stream of cool water. The fruit rinds will help clean the grind components, whilst the citrus scent will generate a lively smell.

If you intend to use something more demanding than citrus fruit, you can absolutely slice a peach in half and place it down the disposal. And don’t forget to include the pit. The hard peach pit will help force out any food refuse trapped within the disposal.

How To Clean a Smelly Garbage Disposal Tip – Clean the detachable baffle.

If you have an InSinkErator Evolution Series ® garbage disposal, every model is outfitted with a baffle that can be quite easily removed and cleaned. The baffle sits inside the disposal collar. All you have to do is pull it out, rinse it off, and wipe it clean of any food waste that remains.

How To Clear a Garbage Disposal – Might Be The Pipes!

You might be believing that there is something wrong with your Insinkerator garbage disposal if it smells funny. On the other hand, it could also be obstructed pipes leading to the problem.

The following’s a helpful home remedy for clogged pipes that might get you out of trouble without needing to clean your garbage disposal!how to clean out a clogged garbage disposal

Be cautious about utilizing any harmful drain chemicals in your disposer. It may harm the unit. It is also dangerous as it may splash on your body.

Below is a practical home remedy that might solve your problem of how to clean a smelly garbage disposal unit.

It consists of baking soda and white vinegar. Take approximately 50% of a soda container and put it right into both sinks drains. Do the very same thing with the vinegar. Let it stand for several minutes. In more severe conditions, it may take up to half an hour.

Experiment with flushing some warm water down your drains.

There you have it, some fast and convenient means that reply to the popular question; how to clean a smelly garbage disposal unit that will help keep your home kitchen smelling sharp!

How to Reset A Garbage Disposal

If your garbage disposal doesn’t work at all, you may need to reset the garbage disposal using the RED overload protector toggle on the base. In case the disposal is clogged, it can shut down automatically if it’s been switched on for too long and need to be reset if it overheats or something wrong with the disposal.

If the overload protector has tripped, you will see that the red button has popped out about a quarter of an inch (5mm).

To reset a garbage disposal unit, follow these basic guidelines:

Confirm that the disposal switch remains in the “OFF” setting.
Lightly push the red button to reset the garbage disposal. If it does not remain in (retracted), sit tight for ten minutes and try again.
Switch on a cold water flow and turn the disposal switch to the “ON” position; the disposal should now perform once more.

If the garbage disposal reset button still will not stay in, or if you need to reset the overload protector repeatedly, the disposal might probably entail a service or replacement unit.

Insinkerator Smelly Garbage Disposal Precautions

To keep your InSinkErator Pro 333 Contractor from water leaks or having other kinds of problems, it is an excellent plan to take a few precautions.

It would be ideal if you under no circumstances allowed anything metallic to go right into the drain.

Potential items that could trigger blockages, like spoons, rings, and other metal items, can be minimized using a drain screen.

It would help if you additionally abstained from using the disposal to do away with bones and bone fragments. Even though many models will certainly advertise the power to chew up bones, it can damage the grinding teeth leading to you needing to switch out the unit far sooner.

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