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Noisy air conditioners and their effect on our daily life

An air conditioner in Melbourne can be the best blessing that one can ask for in the hotter months of summer as it plays a vital part in our comfort and is an unavoidable part of our daily lives whether we like it or not.  But when is it time to upgrade your air conditioning?
Air conditioners have made our life comfortable and a lot easier , but when should you look at replacing your current system?


Imagine working in hot weather with just a fan which does not cool the air but only makes it feel cooler by moving around. It just makes life miserable and more difficult. In such conditions, air conditioners are such a blessing, but what if that air conditioner makes your life more difficult with their noise, making it harder for you to sleep, work or perform everyday tasks. 

An air conditioner making a little bit of noise is normal. It is a sign that it is working. Whereas air conditioners that make noise at a bothering level; that leaves you no choice but to shout or play television/music as if your home is a theatre which is later followed by headaches and many other alarming health issues. 

Regardless of how old your air conditioner is, any noise it makes can be annoying. If your air conditioning is producing an unusual sound, that would mean trouble. So, rather than risking injury to yourself or your system by digging around inside the unit, be careful and have it inspected by a professional. 

 When investing in air conditioning units, one must consider the factor of noise with other considerable factors like capacity, efficiency, and cost so that when in use, one feels grateful for what s/he has invested in.

air con melbourne


Following are the different types of noises/sounds an Air Conditioner makes:


A distinct rattle results from a loose bolt, fastener, screw, or any other tiny part that fell into the Air conditioner’s vents. A compressor or any other more severe issue could also be its cause rather than a loose part. If this is suspected, show it to a skilled technician.


Grinding mostly indicates the problems in the fan motors; the sound is like noticeable rubbing or scraping. There is a possibility that the noise originated from a worn bearing or damaged or a loose belt.


When your air conditioner turns on after some time, a popping noise might come from the air ducts of the air conditioner. This mostly shows a problem with ductwork and not necessarily a problem with your central unit of an air conditioner. 


Hissing is the type of noise generated from within your ductwork, so let one of the knowledgeable technicians take a closer look. He can pinpoint the source of sound and inform you if there is a serious issue involved.

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The effects of a noisy air conditioner!


Headaches/ Migraines: 

Constant squealing sounds from air conditioners can worsen your health if you already suffer from migraines. A person suffering from these debilitating headaches needs a quiet, dark, comfortable place to take a rest as they are sensitive to light and triggering sounds. In such conditions, if their split air conditioner system is not good enough and does not cooperate by constantly making nasty noises, this will only worsen the situation, and the AC will be the worst enemy at that time.

 Work from home:

Since the pandemic, many people have started to work from home, or other than those small businesses, owners have no other option but to work from their homes. One can only work in a peaceful, quiet environment so that they can focus on their tasks, plan better, take phone calls from clients, attend meetings, or whatnot. Working in hot, sweaty weather is impossible, but working under a noisy air conditioner is worst. In such cases, one should really consider buying an air conditioner that works smoothly rather than that which sounds like a jet engine flying. 

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Infants sleeping:

Putting a toddler to sleep is said to be one of the most challenging tasks ever. Imagine taking 45 minutes to an hour to put your kid to sleep, and then s/he wakes up because of a noisy air conditioner, which according to you, has been installed as a luxury for you and your family. Of course, this is the last thing you would want to happen in this hot weather.

Watching TV shows/Movies:

Planning for a movie night with your friends at your place? Do not ignore the fact that a noisy air conditioner in your living room can destroy your fully-fledged planned fun night. Just because the noise of the air conditioner would be loud enough, the voice of tv characters would not be audible, and you might not even get what your friends are trying to say.

Night’s sleep:

Coming home after a hectic office day or just trying to have a good sleep after a busy day is all one wants. But if our air conditioner kicks off so fiercely that it disturbs our sleep once, then there is no going back. Once disturbed now, you cannot have a proper, comfortable sleep, resulting in lethargy and migraine, all thanks to your air conditioner. 

Neighbours Peace:

A noble person never wants to destroy someone else’s peace just for their own. As the world becomes more interconnected, apartments/buildings are becoming more compact and closer. The size of blocks is getting smaller, bringing our neighbours closer. The noise of your air conditioner unit creates a disturbance in the whole neighbourhood. Therefore an air conditioner working smoothly should be a consideration. 


Beyond Heating and Cooling at your service

Noisy air conditioners can surely destroy your physical as well as mental health. Therefore, while buying an air conditioner, consider all the possible measures so that you do not regret it afterwards. 

Beyond Heating and Cooling Melbourne experts can assist you in all air conditioning systems installation and repairs depending on the size and area of your room.



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